About Meditation


Meditation is a journey to create peace, clarity, and well being in your daily life. Meditation is training your attention and your awareness to become clear, calm, and stable under any circumstance. Meditation is learning how to release the energy and thought patterns that no longer serve and to invite the energy that you would like to manifest into your life.

If you wish to embark on the journey of a meditation practice please be patient with yourself. Meditation is an opportunity to truly reflect on the experiences we encounter. It is also an opportunity to hone in on our gifts and the light that we share with the world. 


What To Expect From A Meditation With Ace On Earth


While no two meditation experiences will be exactly the same, this is a general guideline of what to expect when taking a meditation class with Ace On Earth. 


Expect to be supported by sound. Austin taps into his love for sound by producing meditative sound healing music. He blends together traditional sound healing instruments like crystal or Tibetan bowls with electronic music soundscapes. The sound healing music he produces is created with the intention of relaxation and support to release or invite what is needed in this moment. 

Austin uses his voice to intuitively guide meditation for a specific theme. Typically classes are labeled in advance with the theme of the meditation but it is also possible to attend a class where he will guide the meditation based on the feelings and what is desired from the attendees. We are all on the journey together. 

It is important that each person who attends a meditation class with him has the space to freely express what is on their mind and to know that they are not alone on their meditative journey. He creates containers for self reflection and contemplation and ensures that each participant is safe and supported in their meditation experience.

Questions and conversation are always welcome and invited.